Decibels & Decimals is a collection of data visualizations and thoughts about the modern music environment. As data aggregation and crunching become increasingly common in nearly every daily activity, we are better equipped to draw insights on behavior and patterns. Decibels & Decimals aims to bring data driven thinking to extract trends in music sharing, creation, performance and reception. Perhaps these data can help us better understand and appreciate the soundtracks to our lives.

Brady Fowler is a graduate of Georgetown University (Economics and Government) who worked in data analytics for a healthcare consulting firm in Washington, D.C. He then headed further south to the University of Virginia to earn his Masters of Science in Data Science. Brady is currently works as a freelance data consultant and hopes to continue building machine learning algorithms and design fancy visualizations. As an avid lifetime lover of music, Brady is a founding member of the DC/NYC based band "Atomic Man," and previously hosted the long running "Hoya Blues" radio show on Georgetown's WGTB station.

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